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11-Nov-2017 – Remembrance Day 2017 – Cornwall

RCSCC Stormont has a long proud history of being a prominent participant in the Cornwall Remembrance Day parade.  We are always there to support RCL Branch 297.

Stormont Band marching up to the cenotaphLaying of the wreath

Marching on

05-Nov-2017 – Remembrance Day 2017 – Ingleside and Long Sault

RCSCC Stormont has participated in the Ingleside and Long Sault Remembrance Ceremonies for many years now.

01-Sep-2017 – RCSCC Stormont is ready to start a new training year!

We will be back at the Armoury (in civies) on Monday the 4th of September for a relaxed ice breaker evening, new registrations and kit exchanges.

Regular training will re-start on Monday the 11th of September.  We will host an open house for parents and have a town hall style discussion with the cadets about their summer experiences.

Our Fall Sail training session in Kingston is scheduled for 9-10 September.  28 cadets can attend for training, support cadets can also go to help out.  Travel will be early Saturday morning and return will be Sunday at around supper time.